The Ropers??

Who is the Roper Family? 

Karl is the dad.  He is originally from Sacramento, California.  He's the oldest son of Keston and Joyce Roper...both who are now with Father doing his work on the other side.  He's the brother to Teri, Kent, Dawn and Cami....and the uncle to several nieces and nephews.   He's the husband of Nadine and father to Braedon, Baylei and Kaiya. He works at Costco, but his true love (besides me!) are his Nikon cameras.  He LOVES to take pictures.  Sports and nature tend to find his eye the most.  He's in heaven during football season.

Nadine is the mom.  She's originally from National City, CA, but has grown up in several different places including the bay area in California and in beautiful Southern Oregon.  She's the oldest child of Kendall and Nancy Birdsall.  She's the sister of Teresa, Leif, Jared, Kenna and Della.  She's the aunt of lots and lots of kids.  She's the wife of Karl, the mom of....well, you get the idea. She has been a licensed nail technician in California for 20 years.  She specialized in diabetics, a group most techs would shy away from.  She's been licensed in Oregon for the past few years, but not practicing.  She is also a trained photographer.  Portrait and micro photography are her favorites.  She also loves her Nikon, but will take the opportunity to grab the digital when she can.  She currently works at Valley Pride Publications, LLC as a Production Manager.  She puts the Rogue River Press and the Gold Hill Nugget together weekly, as well as other publications periodically.

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Braedon is the oldest child and only son.  He will be a freshman in the fall.  He's our smart football jock. He is in the middle of spring training with the Rogue River High School Chieftains football team.  An injury at the beginning of the season has kept him semi-benched.  Monday (02 June 08), he donned the training garb for the very first time.  We pray his hand will be safe (the hand injury was caused by playing dodgeball in PE and he got slammed into a wall).   The very first day he went back to play, he got to practice late.  He didn't warm up.  He got in line to do some defensive work on hitting a bag.  Unfortunately, he hit it wrong and ended up dislocating his shoulder.  *shaking head*  His coach knew how to fix it and he's doing fine.  (see update in rantings & ravings) He just got two teeth out in preparation for braces and will have two more out next week.  He's a really courageous young man! His future aspirations include a scholarship to duck country (U of O) and to make a lot of money to support his parents someday!  (heheh...I put that in.  n)


Baylei is our oldest daughter and our volleyball player.  She is VERY serious about her sport.  She will be moving up into the middle school this fall as a 6th grader.  She excels in math, science, reading, and especially, spelling.  She's not all that excited about public speaking, however.  Her best friend is Kayla.  She would like to be a pro volleyball player, a vet, or do something in the beauty industry.  She also LOVES money....counting it, looking at it, feeling it, saving it.....and using it as need be.  Maybe she should consider becoming a banker?

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Kaiya..awww Kaiya our sweet baby!  She's our Amazon Warrior Princess.  She is going into 1st grade in the fall, and is very excited about it.  She's learning to read and do math, and is bummed out that summer has to get in the way of her education.  She is already pretty doggone good at her Volleyball skills...and can't wait to play when she becomes a 2nd grader.  She loves to play and play and play!

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