The middle school lost their coaches for most of their sports.  Sharon and I didn't want to coach with Boys and Girls Club again (gas $$, lack of control on what ages we coached, etc.), so we agreed to coach the 6-8th grade girls Volleyball teams.  Yes, coach....ack!!  Head coach this time for me because Sharon isn't sure on her employment situation, yet.  It's ok.  It will all work out.  I pray she gets a job at the middle school that's open right now.  If she does, we are totally set.  If not, I will need a lot of prayers myself!

We started practice this past week (Tuesday, 26 Aug 08) and got to know each other a bit.  We have a good group of girls.  A lot that have previously played, and a good portion of newbies.  This is Soooo scary!  I just feel so very inadequate, but man...I am having a blast!!! I really, really like it so far.  I hope we keep on having fun.  Our first game is Sept 15.  I will post pictures as we go.


Volleyball Coach & the Girls

So, I am the head coach of the Volleyball program at the middle school, but I primarily work with the 8th grade girls and Sharon works with the 7th graders and 6th graders.  She has a smaller team, and I think she got the better deal!  LOL

Anyway, there are 15 of them (8th grade girls) and I thought everything was going to go soooooo smoothly until....they all had that time of the month at the SAME TIME!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Talk about DRAMA!!!  The first game of last week (22 Sept 08) was a dream.  We won 3-0.  The girls decided it was because I gave them chocolate before we went to play.  I think it's because they were relaxed and ready to play.  They talked to each other and anticipated the other team's moves.  It was a great set of games!  Then, Wednesday was like going to World's End...if you've seen Pirates 3, then you know what I mean.  Total opposite of Monday.  They were at each other's throats and the mood was icky.  Even the friends and family that came to root them on wanted to leave it was so thick.  Thursday, I had decided to make cuts or to split the team into Varsity/Jr. Varsity.  I couldn't have a repeat of Wednesday when usually it's the coach that gets the heat for the triple loss and everyone that talked to me asked what was up with the girls and their crappy attitudes.  Even the athletic director asked me why they were so mean to each other.

So, I told the girls that there would be some changes.  I took and split them into what would be the V/JV teams if I decided to do that.  I then took the JV girls into the locker room and we had a nice talk.  I let them each talk without interruption.  I let the ones that weren't involved leave to go to practice.  THANK GOODNESS for Sharon and her endless patience.  She was not feeling all that great that day and took all the girls.  Braedon helped her, but whew!  I wish I had been out there instead.  So, it got down to three girls mad at one girl.  It was something that had happened almost three years ago that kept coming to the surface and they just couldn't get past it.  I listened.  Moderated.  Talked to them about forgiveness and asked if they were spiritual.  They all were and I reminded them that holding hurt that long and not moving forward was not something that Father wants us to do.  That the pain they felt was generated from the Dark one and that if we were to win anymore games, they would all have to come to some kind of understanding and deal with the past to move forward.  After two LONG hours of listening to 12-14 year old girls deal with their past issues and how it affected our present situation, they all hugged and we were able to get out in time to do a team cheer and let them go.  I told them that if things were the same on Friday that I would do cuts and splits.  

Thankfully, the mood was 100% better on Friday, but I am still watching, waiting and anticipating at least one, maybe three cuts.  Our last game is on the 23rd of this month. I won't have to go through another cycle!!! yay!!!  Unless...the AD decides to add on a few more games into November.  OY!

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