September 08 Update

Been a busy month.  The kids are all settled nicely in their respective schools.  

Kaiya LOVES Mrs. Henkle, her first grade teacher.  Della also had her when we first moved to Rogue River, so it's not a new person for Kaiya.  She's been very patiently waiting to be in her first grade class.  She likes the routine and does well with the longer hours.

Baylei has adapted to middle school life pretty easy.  Her teacher is Mrs. Gordon.  Braedon had her as his sixth grade teacher, too.  She's a very nice lady and a very good teacher.  Baylei likes having PE first period with her volleyball big sister, Amanda.  She's attending volleyball practice afterschool everyday, however, she doesn't always participate.  This is ok since the sixth graders can't play in the games.  We have too many girls on the 7th grade team.  She's looking forward to really playing next year.

Braedon likes being a freshman.  He is soooo bummed he can't play football, but is devising a way to do it next year if the coach is fired.  Right now the team is 0-5 and the last game, the first game at home, was horrible with a score of 2-38.  Apparently, the coach is only playing the same players...not utilizing his entire team.  Braedon did do a halftime kickoff thing and won.  Clean kicked the ball 30+ yards.  We knew he could do this without hurting himself....sigh.  Next year, maybe.  Since I last wrote, Braedon's been going through a new drama.  He missed a whole week of school and hasn't been able to attend seminary since he ingested the smoke of burning poison ivy.  IT WAS HORRIBLE!!  He blew up all red and weepy.  GROSS!  We took him to his regular doctor who wanted to put him on Prednisone right away.  Well, that wasn't going to do. I refuse to EVER use that medicine considering what it's done to my parents, sister, friends.  So, even after pleading my case to the doctor, he still handed me a script with Prednisone to be filled.  He did get a shot to help with the itch, but it only took the edge off.  Read up on natural remedies.  Tried St. John's Wort.  Worked amazingly for the first two doses, but then found out that, unfortunately, he's allergic to it.  Three days later, I got him in to see a new doctor who told us that we had many things to try.  He gave us samples and a script for Atarax.  The samples didn't really help a 100%, the Atarax just made him agitated and aggressive.  So, for the most part, he just had to endure it.  It had to make its way out of his system the hard way....through every pore in his body.  He looks like he has leprosy.  He's still peeling, but sooo much better now.  He looks like himself again.  I couldn't recognize him 2 days after exposure.   So, how did he get the smoke in his lungs??  He was playing down the street with his friend and they were playing in the woods pulling vines off oak trees...not thinking.  They decided they wanted to torch the vine.  So, they did.  Well, they learned two things.  Don't burn poison oak/ivy/sumac and don't breathe the smoke in, even on accident.  Also, it's burn season, and burning is a HUGE no no.  They won't be doing that again.  Pictures?  Uhm,  he wouldn't let us take any.  I do have one, but it looks like he's possessed with only the whites of his eyes barely showing through the swollen eyelids and his body all swollen up like a tomato ready to pop.  

Spent last week moving our office to a new building.  I'm about 90% settled in my desk and getting all my stuff the way I need it.  I have been at the office more this week than the past year.  Kind of wierd.  I have a place to bring my mini mac to when I get in, and I have a huge window to enjoy people watching with when I need a break.  Now to do a little cleaning at the old office and pray we get the full deposit back.

Celebrity_Mercury ship

Karl and I are getting ready to go on our cruise.  We are so excited.  Hard to believe Karl is gonna be 4o years old on Friday.  We plan on leaving probably early Friday morning, like at 2 or 3am so we can stop for a short bit to give loves to Karl's sister, Cami and her family.  We might even get lucky and see Dawn, too.  It's all dependant on us getting out the door when we want to.  The kids are not thrilled about us going without them.  This will be a first for them.  They will be at grandma's (for the most part), so they will be safe, fed, happy and loved.  What more could we ask for?

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