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Monday, June 9 was a VERY busy day.  It was Kaiya's last day of school.  It was also Baylei's and Braedon's promotion day.  Kaiya had been given her promotion certificate the day before.  So, she was all set to go.  No big ceremony for the kindergardeners.  I thought that was strange, but it was nice that it didn't take away from the fifth graders big day.  We had to be at the elementary school by 8:30am so we could attend the promotion program for Baylei and Jaden (cousins in the same 5th grade class, very convenient) at 9am.  We were pleased to see red balloons tied to their chairs.  The school mascot is a cougar and the colors are red and white.


The classes came in one by one.  Both fifth grade classes got to sit in the chairs, while the younger classes took the floor.  The principal gave her welcome and then let the elementary school student council run the show.  They did a very good job.  After awards for Accelerated Reading (AR), Bringing Up a Grade (BUG), attendance, Start Making A Reader Today (SMART), and the Student of the Month and Star Card awards,  they finally got to the fifth grade promotion.  I will have pictures up shortly.  I just have to find where Karl put the discs....OY!  Anyway, Baylei and Jaden were called consecutively.  They went up and shook the principals hand, got a plastic/cloth Good Luck Lei from the 5th grade Parent coordinator and then their diploma from their teacher, Mr. Buckley.  As much as Baylei would tell you he isn't her favorite teacher, she did like him and I think she learned a lot from him.  He just has an abrasive personality that takes a lot of patience to deal with.  I don't know if I could have been as long-suffering as Baylei, but needless to say, I am very proud of her for sticking it out.

After the promotion ceremony, the annual school BBQ/Fun Day was in full swing.  They had hot dogs and all the fixin's then got to go to stations.  Most of the stations involved water in some way or another.  I think the bounce houses were the only things that didn't.  Again, will have pictures when I find those CDs......hmmmm what did he do with them!!

Braedon didn't have school because the 8th grade's last day was the previous Friday, so he had all day to worry about his promotion ceremony.  He went with us to Baylei's promotion and then his grandparents took him to lunch with them.  I am sure it was nice.  He had football practice to go to before getting ready for his event.  He went, he played, he left early.  I think he was the only 8th grader that actually showed up for practice.  Anyway, we got him home to shower and get ready and to the Middle School right when he needed to be there.  I had gotten him a real Hawaiian Good Luck lei.  It was an off white/purple.  It smelled pretty good.  He was a little reluctant to wear it at first, but he found it was a chick magnet, so he decided it was pretty cool.  They had the chairs for the graduates facing the audience.  It was a little disturbing for us, so I can just imagine how the kids must have felt.   When it was time for them to receive their diploma, they walked up by row and had their name read, shook the principals hand, a school board members hand and finally, the superintendent of schools hand.  It's funny.  I still see my little boy when I look at Braedon.  Yeah, he's in a big body and he is very smart...but when I saw him come down the steps, it just reminded me of when he was about two or so.  He was smiling...almost how he'd accomplished something so important to himself.  I think my heart was trying to come out of my chest when I saw him.  Then, I looked over and saw his daddy taking the picture of him shaking Dr. Vanikiotis'  (the school district superintendent) hand and the smile of pride on his face.  Man.  I don't think Braedon saw it, but I wish he had.  Braedon almost bounced back to his seat.  After all the names were called and the event was over, the kids were given a reception in the courtyard.  The COSTCO cake was ok.  Just before the graduation dance, there was a balloon release memorial for a schoolmate that passed away last year.  It affected all the kids because he was very well liked.  Braedon was very good friends with Tyler.  He just went to sleep and didn't wake up.  He had a heart condition, apparently.  So, we got to participate in releasing green and black balloons.   It's sad.  The family of the boy still has no closure.  It was as if he'd passed away that day again...very fresh emotions.  I still pray for them to find peace.  The kids all went to a dance afterwards.  I was a little...concerned...because every dance Braedon's been to previously was not fun for him.  He didn't dance and thought the whole thing was stupid.  Well, thankfully, now he's old enough to finally go for real (14!!), he had a blast. We got there to pick him up with all the other parents and the kids weren't coming out.  So, we had to go in.  Lo and behold, the boy was dancing!!  He had been given a plastic top hat, the music was loud (we like loud) and he was just smiling and dancing away.  His teachers that were chaparoning made the comment that this was the first time they'd seen him dance and enjoy himself.  They had a food spread laid out that looked very tasty.  I hope all the kids had a good time.    So, now I have a first grader in elementary school, a 6th grader in middle school and a freshman in high school.  I am feeling very old.

Yes, yes....I have pictures....they will be posted soon.  I promise!!  *looking for Karl.

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