Not What We'd Hoped

So, I took Braedon in for a regular physical therapy appointment week before last (20 Aug 08) and the PT came out to talk to me for a few moments.  I had been up all night doing the paper and had about an hours rest.  Anyway, Matt proceeds to tell me that it might be adventageous for us to consider getting Braedon under a surgical knife because he wasn't seeing much improvement.  He told me that Braedon would not ever be able to play football, basketball, baseball, swim, run, ride a bike, etc.  His ligaments were too loose.  

Needless to say, I freaked.

How could he tell me that my boy wouldn't be able to play?  Anything...?  So, Braedon and I talked a bit and thought maybe he could kick.  That would give him the opportunity to still be a part of the football team.  So, thinking that was a GREAT idea...we felt taking the idea to the Coach would be a smart move.  We went directly to the school...talked with him and he said he couldn't do anything until the doctor released Braedon to play.  So, I felt at that exact moment that the Coach was done.  I don't know why, but I kind of knew he'd had it with our injury issue.  I sent him an e-mail requesting him to come to the appts I had scheduled so he could hear what the doctor said for himself.  I just got that email bounced back to me today...a total week and 1/2 later.  I have been angry with the Coach because I got no reply to this email, but apparently he never received it.  I did send another to him Thursday with no reply, but I know he got that one.  So, I'm still upset with him, just not as much as I had been.

So, I called and got Braedon into see his Orthopedist early.  I didn't want the PA to see him, I wanted the surgeon to tell us what was going on in there.  He repeated what Joan Price had told us about Braedon just being super loose in his shoulder ligaments.  They are like silly putty.  He can heal from the sprain (which is what he has at this point...a really bad one that will take another six weeks for him to heal from completely), but he will always have the worry of dislocating his shoulders.  He should not and cannot (the doctor won't let him) play any contact sports.  If he does,  he would most likely have to have a full shoulder replacement before he graduates from High School.  OY!  He did say he could play baseball, swim, cycle, run, and even play basketball and weight train with limits.  He just has to be aware of his tendons.  He has to continue his exercises and physical therapy.  He invited us to seek a 2nd opinion if we chose to, but we feel good about what he told us.  Especially now that he has the opportunity to play sports, even if it isn't his beloved football.  I'm just bummed that he can't be a part of the team in another way without having to be the water boy.  Maybe next year.

School starts on Tuesday.  I will post pics of all my babies on that magical day.  Yay!!

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