Kaiya's Six Years Old!

Kaiya woke up ready to start her birthday by playing on the Wii and eating ice cream.  It was unfortunate for her that she couldn't have the ice cream she wanted for Breakfast.  Mommy and Daddy both had to work, so until we could be home all together, she and Baylei hung out and played games.  Baylei was a GREAT Kaiya-sitter.  When Mommy got home, Kaiya wanted to go and get a webkinz for her birthday.  So we went and she ended up getting a piggy, a rabbit and a kitty.

When her daddy got home, he brought her a triple berry cheesecake that she'd been asking for.  The ladies in the bakery at Costco decorated it with her name on it.  They don't normally decorate cheesecakes with birthday names.  It was very nice.

Kaiya wanted to go to Orchid Grill for her birthday.  We did that.  One of the waitresses, the one with pink hair that we see all the time, was celebrating her birthday, too!  After a really good Polynesian meal, all the waitresses brought out a special Pineapple sorbet with a huge strawberry, a cherry and whipped cream on it with a candle.  Everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday to kaiya and she got to blow out the candle.  SHE LOVED IT!

For her birthday...aunt Pam and uncle Leif got her a purse and a necklace.  We will have more birthday for her when Grandpa, Grandma and Della get home from their trip.

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