Jetboat Trip with Cougars

It all happened on Thursday, 29 May 2008.  The 5th grade classes of Rogue River Elementary School (the "Cougars")  got treated to a Hellgate Jetboat excursion as part of their graduation celebration activities.  I am authorized by the district to chaparone, so I got to go, too!  I'd never been on a Jetboat trip, even though I'd lived here a good portion of my life growing up.  Both Karl and Braedon got to go when he (Braedy) graduated 5th grade, so Baylei made sure I got to accompany her.

We got to the boat dock around 10am.   before the jetboat trip 2 052908

Our school was one of many getting to go on an adventure that day, but our classes fit into just one boat.  We had "Bo" as our guide and the man knew how to drive!  Four chevy engines and all that horsepower...weeeewhooooooo!!!

Baylei and I sat three rows from the back of the boat.  Unfortunately, I think, I was on the end...spray central.  We sat next to Baylei's best friend, Kayla and her mom, Sharon who took all the pictures (except the big jetboat pic, but she scanned it for me.)  Thanks, Sharon!!  5th grade jetboat trip before 052908

After we left the dock, we went upstream just a touch and turned around...then Bo kicked up the engines and we went under Caveman Bridge where there was a photographer just waiting to take our can see just about everyone in this picture including Bo...wait....he's driving without his hands??? 

Jetboat 052908

Baylei isn't one for smiling a lot, but she loved it!!  Can you tell? after the splash 052908 jetboat

The kids got very wet as we were able to do 360° spins several (I think it was close to 10) times.  We even helped rescue another boat when a stick got stuck in their rudder.  Hellgate Canyon was gorgeous!  The whole trip was great!  Not so great?  The wet behind afterwards, but I'd still go again.

After the two hour ride, we went over to Riverside Park and enjoyed lunch with our kids.  It was a very nice afternoon with my daughter.  

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