In a sling....again!

Most of you know that Braedon loves football.  He's been practicing with the varsity high school team since March.  He was scheduled to be the only freshman starter.  I say "was" because last week, Braedon got hit in a sack and then started experiencing the same shoulder problems he'd had in March after hitting a tackling bag incorrectly.  One of his coaches said he'd dislocated his arm and put it back in, and that seemed to be the end of it until last week.  He was hurting and swollen so bad that I got an appointment with his orthopedist.  Took Braedon to the orthopedist yesterday.  We'd had to wait all weekend and I had called Monday morning at 8am and throughout the day to see if they had cancellations so I could get him in sooner, but no luck.  So, our appointed time came and he was looked at by the same doctor that took care of him when he had his spiral fracture on his left arm when he was 10.  Dr. Joan Price is very nice and gentle with, it was a good choice for us to go directly to her and Dr. Mark Foreman for his care.  We found out that Braedon is "double-jointed" in his shoulders.  No, he only has one shoulder joint like everyone else, but his tendons and ligaments are VERY loose.  The following explains it a bit...he has MDI and is double-jointed.

  • Young Athletes
    Athletes who compete in sports that involve overhead activities may have a loose shoulder or multidirectional instability (MDI). These athletes, stretch out the shoulder capsule and ligaments, and may develop chronic shoulder instability. While they may not completely dislocate the joint, the apprehension, or feeling of being about to dislocate, may prevent their ability to play these sports.

  • "Double-Jointed" Patients
    Patients with some connective tissue disorders may have loose shoulder joints. In patients who have a condition that causes joint laxity, or double-jointedness, their joints may be too loose throughout their body. This can lead to shoulder instability and even dislocations.
It's hereditary...gets it from his momma, apparently.  Not just one shoulder, BOTH shoulders.  His right shoulder just got the trauma from hitting Charles in football practice.  


So, he's in a sling and the arm is immobilized for the next two weeks.  He's got to ice it and be aggressive in his rehabilitation or he won't be able to go back to playing football as soon as we'd like.  He's got his first PT appt scheduled for the 30th of July with a therapist who specializes in this kind of shoulder injury and issue.  He's young and a guy, so Braedon will probably get along with him fairly well. (see update at the side)

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