baylei spring 2008

This is Baylei's Blog....her spot to create.  I'll tell her about it soon...


Baylei got to participate in this years volleyball camp at the high school.  It is really for 7th & 8th graders, but we got special permission for our girls (Baylei, Della and Kayla) to go because they've been playing even longer than most of the girls from the high school team.  In fact, they have been going to open court at the high school for the past six weeks.  Scrimmaging with the HS team. They truly were able to hold their own.  SOOOOO proud of the girls.  Christina, Larraine and Savannah attended camp, as well, but had not been to open court.  Christina hurt her achilles, so was not able to finish camp after the first day.

So, our girls were able to learn from Coach Natalie Schaefer and her Dad, Steve.  Not sure what his last name is, but we like him.  

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